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What these sober eyes can see

They see it all. The things in front of me and the things behind me. They notice patterns and the shapes that people hide behind. They see what they missed in the past and they know what not to look for in the future. They hold the wisdom in the colours of my soul. They see the beauty in another person’s presence and the darkness that doesn’t want to be found.

They see my faults as well as my strengths. They see what’s important to me and where I need to spend my limited time. They see the real, the broken, the shamed, and the ego. They see the truth I need to follow.

They see the broken girl that used to hold space in this body. They see the changes and sacrifices she’s made. They see the people she used to allow to use or abuse her kindness. They see her waving goodbye.

They see an open road with clarity and direction. They see where help is needed and what her message needs to be. They see hope for others suffering. They see beauty in the ones living free.

There is no blurriness, no dull lines. There’s no heavy lids or pain beneath the dark circles.

These sober eyes just see, no guessing, no questioning…… just me.

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