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Want to have a Sober Thanksgiving? Here’s my secret recipe!

  • Have MANY mocktail options available. Make them fun, look on Pinterest! There are many creative fall options. Be sure to have them ready for before, during, and after the feast. If you’re anything like me, the joy of creating the dinner was drinking during the preparation. Let’s be sure to have you well-armed and ready for the night!

  • Be on a high alert for triggers! Create a list and plan for any trigger that may come up. Always have an exit strategy. If you are the host, be sure you have one person there to cover you if you need to split for a bit. Also, have someone aware you may call for support during the evening.

  • Have a support call before you get started. This will empower you and it’s also a great time to do a “run through’’ of your plan. Plan for a call or text after as well to discuss your success. This will give you some accountability and something to look forward to. Let them know you may need a call during the evening. You ARE NOT being a pain in the ass! Other people in recovery love helping you. Know that and believe it.

  • Keep fed! If you are the one cooking, snack throughout the day. Things are simply easier to process when we feed ourselves correctly. Be sure to have plenty of protein snacks and stay hydrated. That way at 5:00 p.m. you won’t give in to the wine witch because you’re exhausted. Don’t forget H.A.L.T Hungry Angry Lonely Tired are key triggers for most.

  • Give yourself breaks!! Take 5 in the bedroom if you need it……heck takes 5 in the closet if you need it. Breathe and give yourself the gift of space. Let’s face it, family is sometimes a lot.

  • Reward Yourself!!! After the night is done, dip yourself into a soothing goddess bath or break open a new book. Buy yourself something to reward your hard work! Special bath oils and bubbles always soothe me and help me soak in the feeling of joy after events like this.

  • Journal how you feel after. The pride we feel after succeeding should be documented!! Look back on it as another holiday approaches. Each one of these moments strengthens you for the next. It’s like you’ve supercharged your sober battery.

Enjoy your success Lovely, it’s a big deal!!!

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