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Recovery coach Julie smiling while sitting on a sunny beach.

Julie Kirschke

Recovery Coach

Why Coaching

One thing I know for certain is you can't get around it, you have to go through it.


Recovery is possible. It's not just the substance/alcohol abuse, the sex addiction, or the eating disorder. It's other stuff in between. Perfectionism, co-dependency, and people-pleasing were a major part of my downfall.

I found recovery lives in moments of joy...true joy, not bottled joy. It's in the laughter of the sisterhood you create, the deep and meaningful conversations you share and it's in the totally unexpected.

I'm here to guide you to it. It's all inside you, I simply help you uncover what you already know is true. You are the master of your own life.....she's just hiding.


I specialize in:

- Breaking cycles

- Pressures of parenting high needs angels

- Self-sabotage & negative storytelling

- Substance abuse

We will discover the obstacles stopping your success. We will tap into your internal wisdom to define your core values and help motivate you. As your accountability partner, we'll uncover your desired path and create a plan to achieve it.

Addiction often starts behind closed doors and gradually creeps under the crack like water from a forgotten tap. If it's not addressed, damage is always a result. It's just a matter of how long the tap keeps running”

Close up of Coach Julie practicing meditation as part of a recovery plan
 Sober coach Julie looking out the window enjoying a cup of tea.


                                                How I Got Here      


Addiction is in the face of the girl next door, it can be in the computer lab with a tech specialist, it can be in the Principal's office, it can be at your Dentist, or in my case ..….. it was in the mirror.

I didn’t want to be an alcoholic, drinking was my favorite thing! 

It relieved my stress after a long day of mommin’, it was my reward when I did something right, it was in all the celebrations I made up so we could have a party. Alcohol Abuse Disorder had me.

The thing is, alcohol is an addictive substance. If you drink it enough you can (and most likely will) become addicted. It didn’t matter how many 30 day cleanses I did to prove I wasn’t an alcoholic, on day 30 I was loaded.

Eventually, I couldn’t stop. I would need a drink in the morning to relieve the shakes and help me function. My brain was wired to believe the only thing that will help pain is alcohol. It wasn’t until I decided to get help that I learned all the other issues behind my addiction. 

In treatment, I got to know my traumas very well and work through them. I also got to understand how I am the way I am. Perfectionism and people-pleasing were crippling effects of childhood trauma. Because of that, I really believed I wasn’t worthy, good enough, or even loveable. In adulthood, I put so much pressure on myself to prove how great I was that I lost my most valuable thing…

What I have uncovered in my years of sobriety is something I will never give away again. 

MY SOBER SELF is wise, honest, loving, loveable, funny, courageous and so resilient. If I were to wager a guess, I bet yours is too.

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